Living in a dream is so easy

My schedule at work changed as of last week. I’m now working middays, which means a lot of different things. Including how my drive to and from work both just near-doubled in length because I’m traveling during rush hour. The added time alone in the car, surrounded by fellow professionals commuting to and from work, has gotten me thinking. Running through my brain are thoughts of: Wow, I actually did it. I actually made it.

When I was in my final year of college – final semester, even – I knew by experience that I didn’t want a job where I’d sit in an office at a computer all day. I knew I wanted to be involved with television production and writing, but I just wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t until I moved to Albany last year to work as a television news producer that I realized, my God, I absolutely love this. It wasn’t until I was actually doing it that I realized this is what I was meant to do.

The local news business is anything but glamorous. But first going into the professional working world a few years ago, I knew I’d wanted to do something that mattered. I wanted to be a part of something “bigger than myself.” And here I am. I’ve produced entirely live shows. I’ve produced breaking news segments, big stories, and am consistently trusted by my supervisors to be the one to get the job done. While I’m by no means perfect, sometimes it still moves me just a bit to remember being the insecure, unsure college student in the School of Communication newsroom (Newshub, as we called it) and to realize how far I’ve come in very little time. I suppose the moral of my story is that you never know until you try something, and that a little bit of confidence goes a long way.


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