This will always be home

Before I moved, I couldn’t wait to get away from the city. I was so excited for a change of pace in my life, to a slower lifestyle in a slower city. I was ready for something new – a new adventure.

I think I was always homesick for NYC to some degree. When I moved, I knew I had to do it, and I never doubted it was the right decision. It was a growth opportunity, personally and professionally and I know I am so much better for having done it. Living and working upstate was an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Last autumn was a difficult time for my family. It was busy and extremely scary, but we got through it and thankfully, everything is alright now. What made those months even more difficult for me personally, was being so far away from home. In reality, three hours’ drive isn’t terribly far. But when a loved one is ill, it’s difficult to be there when you live and work nearly 200 miles away.

As time went on through the spring, during which there were changes in management and a major shift in editorial direction at work, plus my boyfriend moving home to Long Island for a new job, and simply just missing my family and friends and the city lifestyle, I began looking. I took a chance and went by the phrase, “You never know.” And sure enough, here I am – back home near New York City.

Visiting Manhattan, commuting on the train, driving places I know and love, and readjusting to the city pace of life has truly been a homecoming. It’s stressful, but seeing the city lights, passing the places where I’ve made so many memories over the years, is something I can’t really describe. It’s what my friends upstate all had – they’d grown up there, lived there all their lives. That’s what I wanted back. And now, I have it. Again.

I’ve always been a big fan of traveling, trying new things, visiting new places, and living like a local wherever I go. But there is something so uniquely refreshing about coming home after living and working away. I’m still ‘home away from home,’ but when I step outside my door and walk down the block to the familiar Hudson River, I see the skyline of my favorite city in the distance and I know I’m where I belong.


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