Only in New York

New York has been getting to me over the past few days. I’m a city girl at heart, but lately the people, the sheer amount of people, the traffic and the transplant mindset of those around me has me a bit frustrated. But lo and behold, I’ve had several of those “only in New York” experiences that make me appreciate the city even more in just the past 24 hours.

Yesterday I ordered a lunch delivery to my corporate office building in midtown, something I do quite frequently. I’ve worked with the same caterer numerous times, so I have come to expect a high standard of service from them, and I always get it. But yesterday was another story.

As usual, the delivery person called me to let me know they had arrived. I picked up the phone and heard, “Delivery. Delivery here.” I asked where they were, whether in the building lobby or in the area on our floor by the service elevator. The person on the other end repeated, “Delivery.” I repeated my question, but no response – they didn’t speak English. After a pause, “Speak Spanish?” In 25 years, I’ve never been asked this question. I replied with the honest truth – “Un poquito.” They then rambled off in such rapid, native Spanish that I couldn’t understand a single word. Luckily, my South American co-worker came walking by so I frantically stopped her in her tracks to ask a favor. They communicated in Spanish and although my co-worker advised that “it’s not a language barrier,” she was able to tell her to come to our company floor to drop off the delivery. Luckily my lunch was delicioso.

Following that experience, this morning as I was walking from the bus stop to the office building around 9:00am, I heard a stereo blasting smooth jazz. It sounded like a car with the windows down. But sure enough, it wasn’t. It was a man on a bicycle with stereo speakers. I had to laugh – because these are the types of things you’d only see in New York City.

New York is brutal, crazy, exciting, overwhelming and uniquely mine. This will always be home.


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