Ad initium.

At the beginning.

I’ve been writing since before I can remember. Whether it was a fictional short story about young girls and their new pet dog, a poem about sitting on the beach for a school assignment, or an introspective reflection on random events happening in my life, I’ve always been a writer.

Writing has always been my biggest release. Aside from driving on the highway with my favorite songs blasting while screaming along to the lyrics, nothing has ever been quite as therapeutic and cathartic. When I went to college, I was one of those “lucky” teens who knew exactly what she wanted to major in (broadcast journalism) because it combined two things I’m most passionate about: writing and television.

For these reasons, I am finally doing something that is long overdue. I’m starting a blog. This will serve as my outlet for responding to events in my young adult life as well as different things happening in the news and the world. While working as a student journalist, one thing that always struck me was that I was doing something that mattered. I loved being a part of something so much bigger than myself and telling stories that may otherwise not have been told. It brought me back to the many volunteer opportunities I’ve had, from working in a less fortunate community in California to overcoming a language barrier with at-risk Israeli teens and even working as a summer camp counselor. Whatever I was doing, I was making a difference, however small, in someone’s life to help make the world a better place.

As a perpetual wanderluster who firmly believes in stopping to see the beauty in the world, learning about different people, languages, cultures and places, this blog will serve as my outlet to tell those stories – and my own.


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